Sep. 10th, 2011

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Read the rules, please and thank you. )
Also keep in mind that anything covered in the FAQ applies as well.    The FAQs and the rules complement each other, and you are expected to have read and understood their contents before applying to this community. 

Rules are subject to addition, deletion, or other edits for clarification.  The administration reserves the right to do so.  If any changes are made, the community as a whole will be informed.

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Or more like the "a whole bunch of answers to possible questions you may have" post.

Read more... )

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If you are resigning from the community, we are sad to see you go!  Just leave a comment with "RESIGNING//HOUSE" as your subject, any positions you hold that may need to have someone appointed to if we aren't aware already.

If you have resigned at all, you may return to your former house as long as you are in good standing with the community (which if you've resigned and not been kicked out, you are).  Do NOT re-apply, you will be rejected.  If you feel your former house no longer fits you, (when it is established) submit an appeal to the Wizengamot.  If you are returning, leave a comment with "RETURNING//HOUSE" as your subject,  request membership to any communities you were formerly a member of, and an administrator will add you when they get the chance.

ADMINISTRATORS, if you re-add a member, please comment to the return post of said member so the other administration knows it's been taken care of.  Thanks!

If you need to go on hiatus, please just make a post to your common room or [community profile] enchanted_elite . 


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