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Frequently Asked Questions

Or more like the "a whole bunch of answers to possible questions you may have" post.


The communities that make up Enchanted are [community profile] enchanted_elite , [community profile] enchanted_ministry , [community profile] enchanted_sorting , [community profile] enchantedlions , [community profile] enchantedbadgers , [community profile] enchantedeagles , and [community profile] enchantedserpents .  Any other communities added in the future will be mentioned in enchanted_elite and added here.  These are the only official communities for Enchanted, any others (regardless of names) are not affiliated with us.  

[community profile] enchanted_elite is the Great Hall community.  This is where you'll see global type posts from the Administration, general comments and posts from other members, contest related posts, and other things like that.  This community is not for contacting an administrator, advertising, complaining about the community, grievances, or making suggestions.  There are appropriate posts for these, please check the tags.  You may join this community upon being sorted.

[community profile] enchanted_ministry is a restricted access community.  This is for the administration to communicate with each other.  Any member that is not appointed to the administration that attempts to join will be rejected.  

[community profile] enchanted_sorting is the only open membership community.  This is where all the main house sorting happens.  The only posts allowed here are applications, and administration posts relating to potential applicants or sorting in general.  

[community profile] enchantedlions , [community profile] enchantedbadgers , [community profile] enchantedeagles , and [community profile] enchantedserpents are for members sorted into Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin respectively.  This is the particular house's common room.  Posts are left to Head of House discretion, though be advised that advertising is frowned upon in all Enchanted communities unless approved by the Headmistress or Deputy Headmistress.  

Other communities may come in the future as we develop a member base to support them.


Points are awarded many different ways.  The biggest and easiest way to get points for your house is to sort.  But being active is another good thing.  Points are awarded for members that sort applications, participate in discussions, participate in contests, and are awarded by the Heads of Houses, Deputy Headmistress, and Headmistress.  Point values differ depending on the reason for rewarding them.  The house with the most points at the end of the term gets very lovely bragging rights.

House Cup Points are tallied during Hogsmeade week (since that's the only "break" between terms we get here at Enchanted).


Each term runs three months.  For record purposes and for listing on awards, they are marked YEAR.TERM.  Since we are currently in the first year of Enchanted's life, this would be Year 1.  As of writing this, the first term hasn't started, but as of October 1, it will be term 1.  This would be abbreviated 1.1.  In January, when the second term starts, the abbreviation would become 1.2, and so on.

Hogsmeade is the last week of the term, and (once contests actually start) will be full of fun activities not necessarily held during the previous term.  Points awarded during Hogsmeade do not count toward the House cup, but are good for Hogsmeade related bonuses.   More information will be posted in the main community, so keep your eyes on that.  



Contest information will be added here soon.


There is a post in [community profile] enchanted_elite for resignation and returning to the community after resignation.  It can be found via the tags system.

Hiatuses should be posted to your respective common room, posting to the main community is optional and not required.


Sigtags allow for more creative expression of house pride, house unity, and individuality.  The only stipulation to having one is that it's dimensions can not exceed 500px.  For example, one sigtag measuring 300x200 pixels is alright.  However, one measuring 400x200 pixels is not.  


All you are expected to do in the community is sort.  We encourage you to participate as much as possible as there are many points opportunities available.  If you fail to sort at least 5 applications per term, you run the risk of being removed from the community.  


If you have a problem with another member that is affecting your ability to be an effective and comfortable member of this community, we urge you to contact your Head of House.  If you have a problem with your Head of House, please contact the Deputy Headmistress or Headmistress.  We take complaints seriously, but we do ask for evidence to make our judgement call easier.  

If you have a problem with the DHM, contact the HM, and if you have a problem with the HM, contact the DHM and the PiPs will discuss and remedy the problem as best we can.

All PiP contact information can be located here.


To submit your application, join [community profile] enchanted_sorting  and submit your application as an entry to the community.  It will go into the moderation queue, and a moderator will "drop" it at the appropriate time.

Applicants please be sure that you use proper spelling and grammar.  Difference in British English and American English, and grammatical issues due to speaking English as a second language will be overlooked.  If English is NOT your native language, make sure that you mention it in your application.  

Also make sure that you elaborate.  The less you know about someone, the harder it is to put them into a category of any type, so the more information you give, the better grasp we get of you, the easier it is for us to sort you.  You don't have to write War & Peace, but give us more than just a sentence or two to work from.

I suggest running your application through a word processing program like Word Pad, Microsoft Word, Open Office Writer, or something else before you submit.  Also proofread for grammar errors and such.  It's also not a bad idea to save your application until you are sorted, just in case you need it.  (Headmistress Ari knows from experience that the internet loves to eat long, detailed entries.)

If you realize after you've submitted to the queue that you have a spelling or grammar error,  you can either fix it once you're application drops or you can request a rejection and re-submission.  If you need to elaborate you can request a rejection and re-submission as well.  If you don't request a rejection and re-submission here and you edit your application (more than simple grammatical or spelling mistakes) you run the risk of being barred from entering the Enchanted member base.

As a member, you are expected to sort at least 5 applications per term.  That means that in a 3 month period all you have to do to maintain membership is sort 5 applicatons.

Members make sure that when you are casting your vote that you post it to the proper thread to the application.  Also make sure to include your name and house or sigtag when you cast your vote just in case something goes weird, as on the internet it's bound to happen.

EDIT 3/19/2012:
Please remember to include your vote in the subject line of your voting comment.  And please bold it in the contents of your comment.  If not, it's sure to be overlooked, and we wouldn't want that. 

Also, if you vote on your own application, the vote will not count.[/EDIT]

Applicants and members should refrain from debating votes.  If you feel you have been sorted into the wrong house, there will be an option, once we have a decent size member base to support it, to address this.  For now, stick with the house you have been sorted to, you might be surprised and develop friendships you otherwise wouldn't have.  

Muggle votes are reserved for applications that need fixing, be it grammatical, spelling, or for elaboration.  Applicants get ONE chance to reapply if they receive a Muggle vote.

Squib votes are reserved for applicants not suited for the community.  Trolls, flamers, rule breakers, and those creating new accounts to gain access because another account of theirs was rejected are subject to automatic squbbage.  (And that is my new favorite word, squibbage.)

Deputy Headmistress Kaz has a lovely example application here.


Yes, yes we do.  It's allowed because, well, if you're on the internet long enough, you're bound to find it.  I don't feel that I need to censor the members here as long as they aren't throwing the f-bomb around every other word or something.  If it gets out of hand and an administrator has to say something, it will count towards the three strike rule.  Use your best judgement please.


Yep, basically if an administrator has to tell you to follow rules, be mature or civil, or anything like that three times or more,  you are out of the community for good.  We don't have time to play babysitters all the time, that's not fun.  


Feel free to drop a comment here, or contact a PiP.  Comments are screened just in case.